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During my time at the 2019 PGA Demo Day, I had the outstanding experience of testing several of Wilson Golf’s newest products including the D7 line. During my time I visited every club manufactures’ tent, but something unique stood out about Wilson.  It wasn’t just their outstanding clubs, but their willingness to listen and the professionalism of their staff is what made them stand out from the rest.

2019 PGA Demo Day

I went into the Wilson area and the first thing that caught my eye was the level of customer service from the Wilson staff. They greeted me and went above and beyond with helping me try their clubs with a similar shaft that I play with. There were several R and D(research and development) representatives from the company available to explain the technology behind the design of the clubs. I was intrigued with what they said about the D7 irons. I hit the D7, 7 iron and loved the feel, trajectory and sound at impact. To me the D7 iron head looks great and most importantly it performs!!

D7 Driver

After hitting the irons I spoke with a Wilson R&D rep. regarding the technology behind the D7 Driver. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I hit about 10 drives with this D7 driver and it was amazing. The feel and sound were impeccable and the ball flight was remarkable. The size of the head was a little less than most of the 460cc drivers out there but still promotes confidence behind the ball.

I walked into the Wilson tent not knowing what to expect and walked out at the end a big fan of the Wilson golf clubs. The D7 iron and D7 Driver were some of my favorite clubs I hit during my entire time at the 2019 demo day.

The next day I went to the PGA Merchandise show and I found the Wilson booth. I let them know what a positive experience I had the day before. I was able to contact my local sales representative in Florida and began plans of how BGI could do some product reviews of the Wilson clubs. We were able to set up a time for Kyle, a BGI PGA Jr. League coach, and I could complete the D7 iron challenge.

D7 Challenge – A Professional Perspective

We wanted to give a professional perspective and a amateur perspective for the challenge. I went first and hit three balls with my 7 iron and then three balls with D7 7 iron. The average carry distance with my club was 156 yards and 175 yards with the D7. The loft on my Callaway Rogue Pro 7 iron is 31 degrees and the D7 is 28.5 degrees. My ball speed was 7 mph more with the D7. Another interesting piece of data is the Peak(how high the ball goes) was one more more with the D7. Also my spin rate was down from an average of 6200 with mine to 4800 with the D7. I have had a lot of people ask me about the spin rate and I will explain. So having a lower spin rate with your irons does not mean the ball will not stop on the green when it hits. Stopping power is a combination of spin rate and trajectory.  Hitting into a green with more loft will allow for greater stopping power. Having a lower spin rate will help your ball travel straighter in windy conditions. The ball will not ballon out, providing a more stable ball flight.

D7 Challenge – An Amateur’s Perspective

Kyle of BGI who is a strong amateur player went through the challenge as well. Kyle plays Titliest AP2 irons and his loft on his 7 iron is 34 degrees versus the D7 is 28.5 degrees. He achieve an average of 6 mph more of ball speed. Kyle hit his 7 iron an average of 159 yards and hit the D7 177 yards. His peak was slightly lower (by one yard)but almost the same. The spin rate went down as well. Kyle liked the feel of the club and was impressed with the performance and quality of the D7 iron.

Kyle and I have become big fans of the D7 irons and were impressed by the numbers achieved. Make sure to try this new line of equipment by Wilson if you are in the market for buying new clubs. You can visit www.Wilson.com to find out where you can do a club fitting. It is important to do a club fitting before you buy a set of clubs to get the correct measurements for your swing.

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