What a Week!!! – 2019 PGA Demo and Merchandise Show

The 2019 PGA Demo Day and Merchandise Show from Jan. 22-25 was a huge success!! I am going to give you a review of all the clubs I hit at the Demo day and my experiences at the Merchandise show. Being able to test all the new products at demo day was exciting and I will give you my opinions of the new drivers, irons, wedges, and putters that I tried.

Wilson – Coming Back Strong!

The company that blew me away with their product was Wilson!! I did not see that coming, but their new line of Drivers and irons are incredible! The Cortex and the D7 drivers were two of the best that I tried all day. I even met Evan Hoffman who won the Driver vs. Driver 2 show with his invention of the Cortex driver. I have a great video interviewing Evan at Demo day. Make sure to watch it on my Barnhill Golf Youtube channel. The Callaway Flash and Flash Subzero drivers were Awesome! It felt great and the sound at impact was amazing. My next favorite was the Ping G410. The great thing that all these companies did this year was lower the spin rate when you hit the driver with these clubs. I also noticed the misses were a lot tighter and not as much dispersion.

The Irons – Like Silk

There were a lot of great irons that I hit at Demo day as well. The common theme for most companies was to make an iron that hits further. After testing these irons, I would say Mission Accomplished! My two favorite irons were the Callaway Apex forged and the Apex Pro. They looked great to me at address and most importantly they hit incredible. The feel and the sound at impact were awesome! The other irons I really liked were the Wilson D7 irons. Looked great, felt great, and were easy to hit! Also Wilson has one of the most beautiful forged blades in golf available right now. All the irons by Wilson were solid. I also loved all the irons I hit at the Mizuno demo area. Mizuno makes some incredible high quality irons!! I liked their whole line of irons they offered and especially the MP 919 Hot Irons. The other irons I liked were by Yonex. Very solid and high quality clubs. I liked the 501 and 301 series the best!! Also if you are a Ping fan, the new G410 irons are really awesome and easy to hit. All of these irons and woods I have talked about are solid choices. You need to get fit for the right length, correct shaft, and correct lie and loft angles. The look and feel will be a personal preference. Just make sure to get fit by a professional to get all the specs correct for your specific swing.

The Spin Game – Wedges

My favorite wedges at the PGA Demo day were the new PM Grind wedges by Callaway. The look is different but looks great! I hit some off a tight lie and they were very solid. I also opened up the club face and hit a few flop shots off the tight lie that felt amazing!! Also the Titliest Vokey SM 7 wedges were awesome! I hit a lot of short pitches and chips with several of their wedges. They felt incredible. You cannot go wrong with Callaway or Titliest Vokey wedges. Both companies have different degrees and bounces to fit your style of play.

The Flat Stick!

Let’s talk about putters!! In my opinion there will be a game changer in putters with the Odyssey Stroke Lab putters by Callaway! The shafts are ⅔ graphite and ⅓ steel. They pu special weight in the end of the grip and changed the weighting of the heads. I did not know all this when I was trying the putters out on the artificial putting green in the Callaway demo area. I had three different Stroke Lab putters and I was making everything. I was thinking to myself that I would have to buy all three. Then I talked to a gentleman from Callaway and told him the putters felt great and there was something different about them. Low and behold the gentleman happened to be Sean Toulan who invented the Stroke Lab putters. Other putters that felt great were the Phantom X series by Scotty Cameron. I also liked the putter by Ping, Evnroll, and T-Squared!

Bottom line clubs are better this year!! No surprise with technology getting better. The PGA Demo Day was an exciting day for me and the golf industry is on the rise!!

Again take the time to hit the different clubs and to get fit by a professional before making the investment!! You will be glad you did. I have several videos from PGA Demo day and Merchandise Show that are awesome interviews with different companies about their products. Incredible product reviews and very informative! You can see this at my Barnhill Golf YouTube channel. Make sure to check out all my social media platforms at www.Barnhillgolf.com and don’t forget to like and subscribe!!

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