5 Tips to Hit the Ball Further!

Hitting the golf ball further these days is a must!! The junior golfers today hit the ball so far. Technology is a part of it for sure, but the golfers are stronger and more flexible. The use of video in the last several years has helped so many players get better. There is definitely a trend of the modern day golf swing looking more like the players in the past such as Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, and Tom Watson just for an example. The 5 tips I am going to share with  you are what the best players of all time did and what a lot of the modern players are doing!! Are you INTERESTED in knowing what these 5 Tips are?


The Hips!

More hip turn and upper body turn. If you are not flexible then lift your front foot up in your backswing to create more turn. Also let your back leg straighten just a little bit to gain more turn. This will also help keep you from swaying. Would be nice to have a 45 degree to 55 degree hip turn and 90 degree to 110 degree upper body turn. Having more turn will allow you to make the proper move at transition. That would be the club shallowing out at transition.

High Hands!

High hands at the top! Having some nice extension at takeaway and more of an upright swing will give your hands and arms room to drop to the inside at transition.Creating more arc will translate into more club head speed.

Using Your Legs

Start the downswing with the Lead Leg! If you turn back properly then the lead leg will want to start the downswing because of correct positioning of the body. If you look at Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Lee Trevino you will see the lead leg move laterally forward at transition with the head staying back behind the ball. Almost all great players make this move! A great drill for juniors is to step the lead leg back in the backswing and then step with lead leg to start the downswing and then swing. For more advanced junior golfers or adults you can do the baseball drill. You pick the front foot up in the backswing and start the downswing by planting your lead foot and then you swing. These drills help this move feel more athletic and also will give you great feel for how to start with the lead leg.

Get Vertical!

Vertical force!! What is this? This is where you are pushing against the ground to create force or power. That is my definition of this just to be clear. After initiating with the lead leg on the downswing, then there is an athletic turn the front hip with lead leg trying to straighten at contact with the weight in the outside of the front heel. You can really see this with Long Drive competitors. You will see their front foot hop backward just a bit. You will also see this with the best players in the world but just a little more balanced than the Long Drive competitors. Francesco Molinari has improved this move in the last couple of years(What a Difference). Justin Rose, Justin Thomas, and so many great players do this move. So when you start with lead leg down the hip get level and then if you apply some vertical force the front hip will get higher and should be a lot of hip rotation through impact. Throwing a medicine ball up against a wall is a great way to feel this movement pattern.

Extending Your Arms!

Extension Of Arms through impact! This is important for gaining distance. Most people early release their hands and flip at impact. I have my students work on wedge shots where they keep the hands ahead of the clubface through impact which helps extension.This helps you to feel proper position and translates to full swing with enough practice. With the driver you can place the ball position a few inches more forward than the front heel to help you extend more. You can use as drill or you can play this way.

In Closing!

These are the ways to create more power and to hit the golf ball further. To see great instructional videos on how to do this please visit www.Barnhillgolf.com and visit my YouTube channel at Barnhill Golf Institute. Make sure to like and subscribe to my channel!!

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