Hitting More Bombs!!! – 3 Simple Sets to Hitting Longer Drives!!!

We all want to hit the driver longer!!


It is a whole lot of fun. There are a lot of things that go into doing this. For example, your strength, flexibility, and your technique will affect how far you hit the ball. Here are three tips that you can take to the course immediately and give it a try!

Let’s start off with having a proper set up.

Your feet, hips, and shoulders all need to be pointing in the same direction. Then your head needs to be behind the ball at set up(Very Important). Ball position should be inside the left foot at address. You will be able to look at the video I made and see how the shoulder tilt for the driver is crucial. Last thing make sure you hunker down with your legs and create a stable foundation.



You have to be Smooth

You need to swing back slower and smoother to hit the ball further. Please repeat this in your head what I just wrote! Most people swing way to fast on the backswing when trying to hit the long ball and this has an opposite effect on hitting the ball far.To help you have a smoother takeaway make sure your upper back, shoulders, arms, and wrists are relaxed! If you are to tense your rhythm can get very fast. After taking it back smooth you should have a smooth transition and start the downswing with the lower body.If you swing the club back properly and start down with the legs this should help uo to create an inside to out path. This will help you to generate more speed in the hitting area! Your club head speed will be fast at impact. A really simple drill to feel the proper rhythm is to turn the club upside down and swing the club hearing the swoosh in the hitting area. Great drill to get the speed of the swing at the right spot.

Get a Driver fit for you

If you are swing well and you still want more distance then you should get a club fitting and try the different drivers that are available. Using the launch monitors and getting the spin rates and launch angles that match your swing can easily give you more distance. Take advantage of the technology!! Also take the time to learn about the technology and then go have some fun trying some drivers!

Check out my youtube video on hitting longer drives!!!!


Hitting the ball further is always more fun!!! Check out more blogs at www.barnhillgolf.com

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