Finding the Fairway – 3 Simple Steps to Drive the Ball for Accuracy!

Find the Fairway…1st Step to Lower Scores!

Whoever said drive for show putt for dough was probably a really good driver of the golf ball! Driving for accuracy is so important. It sets you up for success to score really great! I am going to give you three easy steps to improve your driving accuracy. If you can’t get off the tee with some amount of accuracy it is very tough to score! Here are the three steps needed for driving accuracy.

Set up

Having a proper set up is essential to hitting the driver straight! The feet are shoulder width apart or slightly wider. The feet are a little wider with the driver than with the irons. Ball position should be inside the left foot. To hit it straight the club face will need to be aligned at the target and your feet parallel to the target. Hands need to hang down naturally with the hands even with the club head at address(should be no forward press with the hands). The distance the hands are away from the body is important. The hands should be hanging right under the chin or about a fist away from your body. Most amateurs will have their hands way to far from their body which effects swing path, balance, and rhythm. Next you should have a slight shoulder tilt of the shoulders with the front shoulder higher than the back shoulder. Your head should be behind the ball with the ball position being inside the front foot. This will help your shoulders be lined up correctly with your feet and hips. We want the shoulders, feet, and hips all lined up pointing in the same direction(Really important to hitting it straight). Most amateurs front shoulder is generally open and this creates all kinds of issues in the swing.


This is also very important! For most people they get the big driver and start swinging it faster than other clubs. This does not translate into accurate driving. You need to try to hit your driver with the same tempo as your 7 iron. Just swing smooth! Also make your takeaway slower and at transition be smooth. By swinging smoother you will hit the ball more in the center of the club face which will give you some good yardage anyways. I have students of mine hit the driver at 50% speed and then work their way up. At 100% you can see things break down a lot. I would recommend swinging between 70% to 80% when playing on the golf course so that you can have more control.


Let’s be clear that the set up and rhythm will affect balance.  You need to be properly set up and have good rhythm. To attain balance you need to have a strong foundation at set up. Make sure to have your weight 50/50 throughout your feet. I also like to tighten my legs at set up and feel as though I am pushing my feet down into the ground. This will give you more stability. At the start of the downswing stay on your feet and do not get on your toes. Being in the toes on both feet on the downswing is a recipe for not hitting the ball straight. I use the balance rod from Eyeline golf to help with balance in the swing.

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