BGI Bashers – PGA Jr League – Your Winning Way Begins Here!

The formation of the PGA Junior League team called the BGI Bashers has just begun. Our home course is Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club located in Clermont, Fl. Our team has started practicing in November getting ready for the season in March. Our team consists of 21 total players and is growing. We have thirteen in our younger team and 8 in older 16u team. What started off as a conversation back in the springtime has now come to fruition. I thought we may get 6 to 8 juniors, but I was wrong!!

The goal for our team is to learn to play golf the right way and to develop a lifelong passion to play the game. I also want to provide the opportunity for any junior golfer to come out and learn the game(no matter what level of player). The BGI Bashers will play the game the right way and learn the 9 core values of being a winner! One of my goals for our team is to not only learn the game but to learn the values and morals of being a truly successful person. The 9 core values that we will teach are the same system the First Tee program uses. This is a Positive Youth Development program! The 9 core values are:

1.Honesty 2.Integrity    3. Sportsmanship    4. Respect    5. Confidence     6. Responsibility    7. Perseverance    8. Courtesy    9. Judgement.

Each month our team will be introduced to one core value and we will discuss the meaning  of the value. I will give multiple examples so the juniors will understand the true meaning of the core value(this is very important).

Every month we will work on all areas of the game. This month each student will get a V1 video lesson sent to their parents email. We will do this every 3 months to track the progress of the swing. The V1 technology is cutting edge and I can draw lines and compare students to professional golfers. Juniors are learning faster by using this technology. I will also be able to keep the players swings and compare their swings from 3 months ago. We will cover rules and we will go on the course once every two months. In March the PGA junior league season will start and there will be 6 matches set up for the younger team. This is really what got me excited about doing the program! The matches are just 9 holes and the format is 2 person teams within the team. The 2 person team will play a scramble for the 9 hole match against another team. This type of format is incredibly fun! Such a great way for juniors to start their competitive golf career. The retention rate is 80 percent of the juniors are signing up the following year to play in the PGA junior league. This program is successful and the junior golfers are LOVING the program!!

My goals and intentions are to grow our team and have 5 to 6 teams of ten to twelve players. Our program will be a year long program that will develop junior golfers to their full potential as golfers while developing their character and values!

For more information on our BGI Bashers PGA junior league team and how to become a member, please visit my site at

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