BGI Bashers – November Newsletter

Everyone should have gotten their BGI swag wear(hat, shirts, and bags). For the younger group we have more shirts coming in the next 10 days. The first month was a huge success!! Along with myself(Neil Barnhill) and Coach Clapper we want to say Thank YOU for your support in junior golf! We look forward to making golf a lifetime passion for your junior golfer.


Every month we are learning one core value. November’s core value was Integrity. Each week we went over the meaning and gave examples of what integrity is. Everyone knows now what this word means and the importance of having integrity. Also we came up with three team rules which are to 1. Be positive 2.Not to criticize your teammates or coaches 3. To be part of something bigger than yourself(Which is the BGI Bashers). The first month we learned how to putt and how to have a routine in putting. We learned the techniques for chipping, pitching, and full swing. I took videos last week using the best golf software in the business(V1) and the juniors loved seeing their swings compared to Rory, Jordan, and Tiger!! What a great tool to help our junior golfers.

This upcoming month our core value that the juniors are going to learn is RESPECT! We had a great practice last night and will continue to improve.

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Thanks You – Coach Barnhill

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