5 Amazing Games to Improve Your Chipping!!!

Chipping Games = Lower Scores!!!!

To get lower scores in golf you must be great at chipping! To be really good at chipping you have to practice it a lot. I am going to give you some games that I play on my own when chipping and also some great competition games with competitors.

There are several chipping games I love to practice!

Solo Games!!!

The first one is a basic 5 to 7 feet off the green and the hole is 25 to 35 feet away. I want to make it within the first five shots. Then I want to see how many I can make in 30 shots. This gives you the confidence of making chips.

Another game I like to practice is landing the ball in a one foot area and getting the ball to go to the hole. I practice this from 15 to 30 feet off the green. This is great for working on what trajectory to hit the shot. Another really great game is to play 9 different shots from around the green. One shot from a different spot each time and then putt. Record how many up and downs you get in 9 holes. The idea is to get so good that you have nothing but tap ins and also make a couple of shots.

These are some games you can practice by yourself but here are are some awesome games for chipping against competitors! I am going to share with you the ones I have played over the years.

Games for You and a Buddy!!!

The first game is brutally awesome!! I used to play this game at the Windermere Golf Center with a PGA tour player and his caddie. We called it twenty one. You could use one club to chip and pitch with. The person starting the game would throw all the balls to an area and you would play your ball as it lies. We all would hit to the hole and then putt out with your wedge(Not you putter). The person that hit closest to the hole would get a point and then if you got it up and down you received 3 points. So, even if you were not  the closest to the hole you still would receive 3 points for an up and down. Winner of the hole picks and throws the balls where ever they want to. You can get really creative with this!! Especially if you have a right hand player and a left hand player. This game is so fun and really helps you to get creative and to hit shots from different lies around the green. The person that gets to 21 or higher first wins the game. Another game is to simply play one ball each and the person closest to the hole wins. You can play to 5 to however many points you want to play to.

The next game is really exciting!! This game puts the pressure on your short game. You get two balls and your competitor gets two balls. The first person picks a chip shot and hits. Here is the game changer!! So, if the first person hits the second ball, he or she has to play the second ball no matter what. This puts the pressure and focus on hitting it closer. This is not easy.

The last game is to pick a chip shot that is one that you can make. You will go until you make the shot. Then your competitor will go until they make the shot. For example, if I make it in one shot and my competitor makes it in four. The difference for each on would be a simple wager like 3 burpees for each shot. So in this example my competitor would owe me 9 burpees. This is a great game!! This will test your routine and patience.

Final Thoughts

These competitive games transfer over to much better results on the golf course. The key in practicing is to constantly get out of your comfort zone!! These competitive games will do that to you. Plus it is a lot of FUN!! Check out all my videos and blogs at Barnhillgolf.com

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