3 Points of Emphasis – Swing Caddie SC300 vs. FlightScope Mevo

BGI did a YouTube video on the comparison of the Swing Caddie SC300 and the Flightscope Mevo. First of all I want to point out that we purchased both of these units. They were not given to us. I am going to give you honest feedback on how the testing went and my opinion. Both of these launch monitors are two the hottest on the market right now that are affordable and accurate. There are less expensive launch monitors out there but these are very affordable for what they offer. Both the Swing Caddie SC300 and the Flightscope Mevo are around $500. What BGI has found with owning some less expensive launch monitors is inaccurate readings of pitch shots or not fullswing shots. For example, a 40 yard shot or 50 yard shot with a 54 degree sand wedge.

The Battle!

The Similarities:

I want to give you the similarities between these two products first. They both use 3D doppler radar technology to track the data. Both launch monitors will give you carry distance, ball speed, swing speed, spin rate, and smash factor. Bothe devices can be charged with UBS cable. Also both units have apps that you can use to operate the launch monitors by using bluetooth.

The Differences:

Differences in the devices are the swing Caddie SC300 can be used without the app. It has a remote control and you can change the settings along with what club you are hitting. This is a great feature! The Flightscope Mevo app is really cool and you can record your swing and all the data is put on the same screen as the swing.You can also use graphics such as drawing a line for swing plane and draw circles. Swing Caddie SC300 has an app but not the ability to record swings. Another big difference is the size of the devices. The Flightscope Mevo can fit in the palm of your hand while the Swing Caddie SC300 is about 3 times bigger.

The Data:

Both devices are really accurate with distance. I am impressed with both of the launch monitors in how accurate they are with all data. It comes down to what features you like more. You cannot go wrong with either of these launch monitors. What I am amazed about is for around $500 these two devices can give you very similar readings on carry distance, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate and smash factor that the one that cost over $15,000. There is a lot more data the Trackman and Flightscope X3 give you. But for most of us these two models will more than work!!

In the video on the comparison of the Swing Caddie SC300 and the Flightscope Mevo we did not have the updated software for the app on the Swing Caddie SC300. The new software was just released and does read spin rate. BGI is going to do another video showing how the new software reads spin rate.

What Model would I Buy?

So, which of the two products would I purchase? I would pick the Flightscope Mevo because of the app. I like the recording of the swing part and helps me with my clients. I am a PGA Teaching Professional and the recording ability is a gamechanger!


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